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A Black And White Killing: The Case That Shook America

In 2016 outside a convenience store in Portland, Oregon, Russel Courtier, a member of white supremacist gang European Kindred, ran over and killed Larnell Bruce, a young black man, with his car. Shortly afterwards, CCTV footage of the incident went viral and shocked America, not just because of its brutality, but because of the question at its heart: was Larnell Bruce killed because he was black? In search of an answer Bafta Award-winning Mobeen Azhar travels to Oregon to follow the trial for a new BBC Two two-part series – A Black And White Killing: The Case That Shook America. The more time he spends in Portland, the clearer it becomes that the case is part of a much bigger story about race, white supremacy and racial tensions in America today.

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